Noah System 4.5 now available for download

 by Project Director Arild Rasmussen

HIMSA announces the release of Noah System version 4.5. Noah System 4.5 contains technological updates as well as two new Noah 4 basic modules. 

Noah Mobile - the future of Noah

Perhaps the most important new technology included in Noah 4.5 is Noah Mobile.

Simply put, Noah Mobile lays the groundwork for Noah compatible apps on your mobile devices, such as iOS and Android tablets. This means that in the future, it will be possible for you to use mobile apps from HIMSA member companies to work with patients in your Noah 4.5 database.

For more information on Noah Mobile, click here.

New technology

Noah System 4.5 includes an upgrade to .Net, dynamic data standard updates and more.

The update will install .Net 4.5, providing additional possibilities for Noah modules.
Noah 4.5 will also allow for updating Noah standards on the fly. This means that Noah modules can take advantage of new Noah standard improvements right away instead of waiting for the next Noah release.

And Noah 4.5 will of course include solutions for several small Noah 4.4 issues. 

New Noah Basic Modules

Another feature of Noah 4.5 is the installation of the new Noah 4 Audiogram and Journal Modules. These modules have been available as a separate download but will now be included with all future versions of Noah.

For more information on the Noah 4 Audiogram Module and Journal Module, click here.

Note that the NOAHAud 3 module will be upgraded to the Audiogram Module during Noah 4.5 installation. If you wish to continue using NOAHaud, you are welcome to download it from our website and reinstall it. 

Should I upgrade now?

HIMSA always recommends that you run the latest Noah version, and there are compelling reason for upgrading to 4.5.

Having said this, if you already have Noah System 4.4 and have already installed the new Noah Audiogram and Journal Modules, there is no rush. You can easily wait until mobile apps are available before making the upgrade.