Noah System 4.9 will offer support for Microsoft Directory Services

 by Arild Rasmussen, Project Director 



HIMSA has received increasing requests over the last several years from hospitals and larger chain operations, for the ability to integrate Noah User Administration with Windows Active Directory or Microsoft Azure Directory.

For large IT operations with many locations, relying on uniform use of the Noah User Administration as it is designed today is difficult to enforce. For example, there are still locations where all hearing care professionals use the default ABC login to access Noah.  

By using the Windows Domain user accounts that are already established, controlled, and in use for other systems, IT operations can easily implement a more secure and uniform data security.

Windows Directory Service integration will ensure that the Noah users are indeed using individual identities when working with Noah System. The user will be required to authenticate their access to Noah by the same credentials they use to log into their Windows computers in the corporate domain.

And Noah users benefit as well. By integrating with a Directory Service, Noah users will log into Noah using the same secure credentials they use for Windows and other enterprise software.

By integrating with a Microsoft Directory Service:

  • IT’s policies on security and password complexity for the entire organization will also then apply to Noah System
  • IT will be able to setup new domain users, place them in Noah domain groups by security level, and Noah System will be able to add the new user to the Noah User List.
  • Noah 4.9 integration with Directory Services will work with on-premise Windows Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. Windows Workgroup users will not be supported.

HIMSA will provide detailed instructions for IT and HIMSA Member Company support engineers, but locations will still need to fully support their installation of Microsoft Directory Services.