Noah Tutorials, Training and Tips at the Noah Learning Center

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens

Want to be a Noah 4 super user? It’s not hard. Everything you need is in the Noah 4 Knowledgebase, in the Learning Center!

The Learning Center contains several 5 minute video tutorials on using the most popular Noah 4 features. In addition, you can find easy instructions for everything from choosing the right computer and creating a Noah 4 network to securing your patient data and using Noah features such as Patient Categories.
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Are you looking for even more advanced support for enterprise wide security, administration, and data requirements?  HIMSA has created the new Noah Enterprise Support section just for you!


The new Noah Enterprise Support section helps answer questions you may have while planning for your Noah installation in an enterprise setting, such as hospitals, large clinics, and some chain locations. These locations are supported by IT departments that are interested in adhering to enterprise wide security, administration, and data requirements.

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