Annette Limberger: Professor, NUG Member and IPad Winner

Once again, HIMSA has chosen one lucky survey participant to receive an iPad as thanks for their participation.  This survey’s lucky winner is Annette Limberger.

Annette works at the Aalen University of Applied Sciences, Department of Optometry and Audiology in Aalen Germany. She is a professor, as well as the head of the Audiology department.

Experience for the Future

Annette brings a unique blend of experience to her students.

“In Germany I’ve a unique vita, because I started in the clinic with an apprenticeship as an audiological assistant,” said Annette. “Afterwards I took the next apprenticeship as an hearing aid acoustician, which takes 3 years in Germany; it’s a dual education consisting of school and working with an hearing aid dispenser.”

Annette completed her education by studying medicine and specializing as an pediatric audiologist.

“At this point I’m really happy that I got an impression from all levels of the profession. And now I’m happy to give all this knowledge and experience of the profession to my students .”

Knowing Noah

Annette also knows that an important part of teaching audiology is knowing the tools of the trade.

“I started with hearing aid fitting in 1985 with the analogue models so I’m quite sure that I worked with Noah more or less right from the beginning.”

And when the new Noah 4 was released, she was eager to give it a try.

 “The user interface is really comfortable and the overview is much better than in the NOAH 3 version,” said Annette. “It’s more intuitive. The journal is much better than in the Noah 3 version and it’s great to have now the COSI and the APHAB. All in all the Noah 4 version is much more comfortable especially the patient browser .”

A very valuable NUG

She would still like to see a few improvements though.

“The Noah 4 user is a bit disappointed, when he/she sees the audiogram module, which is the same as the NOAH 3 version.”

In fact, that’s one of the main reasons Annette joined the Noah User Group.

 “The NUG is very helpful to get in contact with experts and to share our experiences with Noah with others,” said Annette “We can show what we need in the future and prioritize those features which are helpful for our work - like the new audiogram module.”


“Surveys like this help the developers and the users to see where the problems are,” continues Annette. “Where the users maybe don’t have enough information to use the software properly, where are application errors or problems in the software itself, or maybe connection problems with different interfaces.”

Thank you Annette, and all our NUG members, for helping us improve Noah to meet the needs of hearing care professionals worldwide.