Release Announcement: Noah Journal Module with template functionality!

  by Scott Peterson, V.P. of New Product Development



HIMSA is pleased to announce the release of the Noah Journal Module with template functionality.

Many hearing care professionals have approached HIMSA looking for an easy way to add their standardized reports into Noah. 

Professionals often use standardized forms for such tasks as patient case history, hearing aid dispensing or hearing aid follow-ups. These forms are currently stored in external programs such as Microsoft Word, but professionals would prefer to integrate them directly into their Noah software.

Now, with the Journal Module’s new template feature, professionals can recreate their important patient-related forms as templates within Noah!


It’s easy in the new Journal Module. Simply click the Add button in Template settings, copy and paste your form, give the template a name in the Subject field, then click Save. 

Once a template is created, it can be easily chosen whenever you create a new Journal entry. If your office uses a shared Noah database, the Journal Module templates you create can be used by all Noah users on the network.

The new Journal Module is free for all registered Noah 4 users. Simply visit the Noah Basic Module download page.