Release Announcement: Noah System 4.6

 by Arild Rasmussen, Project Director 

HIMSA announces the release of Noah System 4.6. The software is now available on the Noah System download page

The changes in Noah System 4.6 provide the foundation for future functionality in Noah modules and apps. However, Noah System 4.6 does not introduce new software features or interface changes that will be directly visible to Noah users.

Do I need to upgrade?

If you already have Noah System 4.5 installed, there is no need to rush and install version 4.6. 

However, if you are using Noah System 4.4 or earlier we suggest that you take the time to upgrade to Noah System 4.6. 

What are the changes in Noah 4.6

Below is a list of the larger changes available in Noah 4.6:

  • An update to Noah Mobile so that browser-based Apps can communicate via LAN Features to allow the inclusion of new Noah data types (e.g. Audiogram 503), formats and converters without requiring a restart of Noah services 
  • The automatic distribution of new Noah data types, formats, and converters to Noah workstations 
  • Bug fixes for several minor issues