Setting the Noah Audiogram to display up to 16kHz

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens

The Noah 4 Audiogram Module and the Noah System audiogram display, both support the ability to show up to 16kHz on the x-axis of the audiogram graph.

By default the Audiogram Module is set to display to 8kHz. To extend the high frequency display to 16kHz follow the steps below:

1. Launch the Noah 4 Audiogram Module
2. Click the settings icon
3. Choose the Graph Settings box
4. See option under ‘X-Axis up to’ and select 16kHz

5. Click OK.

If the selection is already at 16kHz but the Audiogram Module is only displaying to 8kHz, change the setting to 8kHz, click OK, reopen Settings, change to 16kHz, and click OK to save and close Settings.

The Noah System audiogram display will show up to 16kHz when data is present at frequencies higher than 8kHz, if no data is present, the x-axis is set to 8kHz.