Support Tip: Windows 8 Shortcuts

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens


If you've shopped for a new PC recently you have likely come home with Microsoft’s new Windows 8! Noah System 4.3, released in October of 2012, is Windows 8 compatible and many fitting and measurement modules are also certified by HIMSA to be compatible with Noah 4.3 and Windows 8. A full list of certified modules can be found on the HIMSA website at the Products, Noah Modules menu.

The Windows 8 operating system combines the traditional keyboard and mouse interfaces as well as newer touch interfaces from tablets.  The learning curve can sometimes be steep and trying to locate familiar programs and tools can sometimes frustrate!  A sampling of shortcuts listed below using the Windows key on the keyboard may help smooth the transition.

  • Win + X - This shortcut is the catch-all key combination where you'll find a command prompt,  an administrative command prompt, Programs and Features, Power Options, Device Manager, Disk Manager, Computer Management, Control Panel and File Explorer. 
  • Win + Q - opens the Search pane
  • Win + E - opens the Windows Explorer
  • Win + C - opens the Charms bar
  • Win + I - opens the Settings charm
  •  Win + Tab - cycles through running apps
  • Win + Z - opens the app bar