The Noah Activity Log

  by Ann Monnens, Support Specialist


Noah software has long provided safeguards to ensure proper use of patient data. For security and accountability, Noah provides an Activity Log feature which records events taking place in Noah. 


Major enhancements have been introduced in Noah 4.9 that mean expanded tracking and improved management of Activity logging in Noah. These enhancements include:

  • A new database for record storage. In Noah 4.9 the Activity log has been moved to an encrypted Microsoft Compact Edition database. This database is protected in the Windows file structure, this means that even an OS Administrator cannot access the file. 
  • Better record management. The new activity log supports manually archiving records so the location can maintain a history for as long as required. In addition to archiving records, a Noah Administrator will be able to delete outdated records. Archiving records and deleting records are logged activities.
  • Many additional activities are logged and greater detail about the activity taking place is included. Sorting and searching capabilities are greatly enhanced.

The Activity log is turned on automatically at installation. You can disable and enable the logging with a Noah Administrative account at Setup, Administration, Noah Server Setup, Enable Activity Logging. If you have enabled Noah Mobile it is not possible to disable Activity Logging.

The Activity Log can only be managed by a Noah Administrator. By default, the log is not viewable by Level 1 or Level 2 Noah users.  The ability to ‘View the Activity Log’ is an action that can be configured under the User Level definitions in the Noah Console.

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