Unique Noah module simplifies the provisioning of captioned telephones

In September, Hamilton CapTel unveiled their new Hamilton CapTel Noah Module. The new module allows audiologists to easily and securely order captioned telephones for their patients with hearing loss from within Noah. 

In the U.S., qualified patients are entitled to a captioned telephone at no cost. Traditionally however, audiologists need to manually perform the task of completing application forms, scanning them and securely transmitting them to Hamilton CapTel – a process which can take ten minutes or more per patient.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for audiologists to procure this no-cost solution for their patients with hearing loss,” said Dave Blanchard, national sales and marketing program manager, Hamilton CapTel. “We developed our certified Noah software module to allow them to go paperless and easily work within the system they use every day to manage patient information. It takes as little as thirty seconds to complete these order forms in Noah.” 

When an audiologist opens the Hamilton CapTel Noah module, patient record information as well as the contact information for the Hearing Healthcare Professional who certified the hearing loss within the Noah 4 system will automatically populate Hamilton CapTel order forms.

The module then allows the audiologist to securely send an encrypted online order. This eliminates the need for scanning and submitting handwritten forms via fax or email, while ensuring FCC compliance and the safety of patient record data.

“By reducing the workload for audiologists,” said Blanchard, “Even more patients with hearing loss can experience the benefits of a captioned telephone.”