Use the HIPAA Log to automatically record Noah activity

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens

Noah software has long provided safeguards to ensure proper use of patient data. As we have encouraged in many HIMSA News articles in the past, the first step in data security with Noah is creating unique user accounts in Noah and enabling the password login system. In 2016 say goodbye to ABC!

For added security and accountability, Noah provides an audit trail feature which records activity taking place in Noah.

Starting with Noah 4.5 HIPAA logging is turned on automatically at installation. If you are running Noah 4.4 you can enable the logging at Setup, Administration, Noah server setup, HIPAA logging.

The log contains date, Noah User initials, computer name or app name, patient name, activity recorded, and Noah version being used.

Examples of activities logged are Action edit, Action delete, Patient query, Patient view, Patient export, User log in and user log out.

The logging detail can be viewed in the Noah Console by Noah users with Administrative accounts.