Why I joined the Noah User Group (NUG)

  By Mandy Raisch, Au.D.


HIMSA is pleased to present the following testimonial from Mandy Raisch, Au.D., a member of the Noah User Group (NUG):

As an audiologist fitting hearing aids using Noah for the past 11 years, I jumped at the chance to join NUG.

Noah is a vital part of my ability to help patients with their hearing aids on a daily basis. Over the years I’ve thought many times about things “I wish” my colleagues and I could do with our Noah software. So, it was really exciting for me to think about being able to be a part of a group that got to discuss and test new ideas for the Noah Software. I recently just completed my 1st survey, and I was beyond encouraged about all the new things they are thinking about! When I had questions about the survey, I emailed Kim at HIMSA and he responded very quickly and clearly.

Kim has been so personable and great to work with. As a Noah user, I’m very proud to be a NUG member and have a voice in something that I use on a daily basis. I already look forward to the next survey to see what’s in store!

Thanks Mandy for the kind words.

Last week, HIMSA sent out the results of the first survey to all participating NUG members. We hope they find the results as interesting as Mandy does.


Their input will serve as an important part in the decision process of where to go with Noah.

If you would also like to make your voice heard, we encourage you to be a NUG by joining our Noah User Group. For more information, click here.