AudiologyNOW! Report: Yes, the Noah System 4 upgrade really is free!

 by James LaBranche, Market Communications Manager

The AudiologyNOW! show provides an excellent opportunity for HIMSA to meet our NUG members and Noah users. 

By meeting hearing professionals face-to-face, HIMSA receives a wealth of excellent feedback on Noah usability as well as requests for new features. We can also provide users with tips and tricks on useful Noah features.

Often visitors started out by asking one of our favorite questions:

“So, what’s new with Noah?”

Our booth staff took the opportunity to fill them in on Noah System version 4.4, the new Categories feature, the Noah info channel and more. We also demonstrated the improved usability in our new Audiogram Module and Journal Module.

But all these new features must have a price! How much does the upgrade cost?

To many visitors’ surprise, the answer is “no charge”.

As long as you have a valid NOAH System 3 or 4 license, you can upgrade and receive all the new features and fixes in the latest Noah version absolutely free! In fact, we highly encourage it!

Check in the Noah System Help menu to see which Noah version you are using.


If your version of Noah System is earlier than 4.4, contact your Noah distributor. Or click here for more information.