Noah-Certified Management Systems

The table below provides a listing of the Noah-based business and WSI systems which have been submitted to HIMSA for certification testing. These systems have been tested in compliance with the HIMSA Certification Policy.

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Noah 4 API

ManufacturerSorted By Manufacturer In Ascending OrderProduct NameVersionNoah VersionDate
AcouSoftAudicienAssist7. 24, 2018
ASEGO GmbHasego.net1.18.4514.8September 3, 2018
Auditdata A/SAuditBase5. 7, 2019
Auditdata A/SStrato2. 25, 2019
EuronetEuronet 25, 2019
HIMSANoah System4. 10, 2019
ipn Software GmbH AkuWin Office 11, 2018
OtometricsOTObase1.64.8December 17, 2018
Sycle.netSycle Practice Management4.9 (v4.9.238.0)
Certification Note
July 1st, 2019
4.9.1October 29, 2018

Web API (Noah Mobile)

ManufacturerProduct NameVersionDate
SmartcareSmartcare2.4.0May 7th, 2019