Certified Modules that have been verified for IMC protocol 2 compliance

The table below provides a listing of Noah certified Modules which have passed module testing which focuses on the stable interaction between modules and Noah.  

The modules in the table below have additionally been tested and found to be in compliance with the HIMSA IMC protocol 2.

The IMC compliance test verifies that the module supports the IMC commands and the data transferred are in a format corresponding to the protocol 2 definitions. While this verification testing provides a great starting point it does not 100% ensure that any listed IMC module can work with any other listed IMC module. Please see the test details  link for each module with further information on which module combinations have been verified by the module supplier. 

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ManufacturerSorted By Manufacturer In Ascending OrderModule NameVersionTest DetailsDate
InteracousticsAffinity Suite2.11.0detailsDecember 8, 2017
Interacoustics Callisto Suite1.9.0detailsDecember 8, 2017
InteracousticsAffinity Suite2.9.0detailsNovember 2016
MedRx, Inc.Avant REM3.2detailsFebruary 28, 2017
OticonGenie2016.2details October 23, 2016
OticonGenie 22016.2detailsOctober 23, 2016
OtometricsOTOsuite4.82.00detailsMay 16, 2017
ReSoundAudigy2.1.0.30detailsMarch 2, 2018
ReSoundSmartFit1.2.0.81detailsMarch 2, 2018
ReSoundSolusMax1.2.0.81detailsMarch 5, 2018
SivantosUNITY HIA Probe Aud5.4.1detailsDecember 21, 2017
SivantosCONNEXX Eight8.5.0.566detailsMarch 2, 2018