How do I uninstall Noah 4 completely but save the HIMSA Member Company module installations?

Having to manually remove Noah from a machine is rare troubleshooting step, but in some cases a necessary last troubleshooting step.

The following steps will give a clean start for a Noah 4 installation:

  1. If Noah can launch, and the machine is the server or has a local database, export the database from Noah to an nhax file or Backup from the Console.
  2. If Noah is not functioning, the renamed database files in step 6 below can serve as a backup.
  3. Close Noah 4 
  4. Uninstall Noah 4 from Control Panel, Programs 
  5. Uninstall all Noah modules, the Journal, Noah 4 Audiogram, and Questionnaire
  6. In the HIMSA Shared folder located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
    1. rename the NOAHCfgDatabase.sdf to NOAHCfgDatabase.old
    2. rename the NOAHDatabaseCoreSqlCompact.sdf to NOAHDatabaseCoreSqlCompact.old
    3. delete all files in the HIMSA Shared folder except the renamed database files, the Noahlink folder if present, and the noah4.lf 
  7. In the Noah 4 folder located at C:\Program Files (x86)\HIMSA, delete all contents except the backup folder.
  8. At C:\ProgramData\HIMSA rename HIMSA to HIMSAold
  9. Install Noah 4
  10. Launch Noah
  11. Import your NHAX file, Restore backup, or stop services and rename the .old database files created in Step 6, back to .sdf.
  12. Browse to the C:\ProgramData\HIMSAold\Noah\Backup\NoahClient and grab a backup of the client settings.xml file that contains the locations of modules in Noah.
  13. Rename the empty client setting .xml at C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah to clientsettings.clean and copy in the backup