Merging Duplicate records in the Noah Database

NOTE: The procedure documented below is valid for Noah 4.7 and earlier, starting with Noah 4.8, it is possible to merge directly from the Noah patient list.  


You may find that over time you have ended up with more than one record for the same patient in Noah. It is possible to merge the session data in these duplicate records together. Be aware of a couple things:

  • By default, Noah compares Last Name and First Name when merging, so check that both first name and last name match. If necessary edit and make corrections.
  • Noah does not merge demographic data and will use the demographic data of the record in the database, not the record merging in, so pick the record with the most accurate information to leave in the database.
  • Merging duplicate records in Noah is a manual patient by patient process.

Steps to Merge Duplicates:

  1. Perform a Backup of the database before beginning.
  2. Select one of the duplicate patient records and Export selecting the option ‘Use in another Noah installation…’  Save the record as a Noah format nhax file.

  3. Next, from within Noah, Delete the Noah patient record that you just exported.
  4. Now use Noah to Import the patient record you exported and saved.
  5. When prompted, choose Merge.
  6. Finally, view the record in Noah and note that the sessions from the two records have been combined.