Did you know you can search Journal entries across your entire Noah database?

Perhaps you use the Noah 4 Journal Module to record the type of hearing loss your patient has been diagnosed with. Maybe you use the Journal module to record warranty expiration or follow up reminders. Maybe you use the Journal Module to attach sales agreements or questionnaire results.

Using the Advanced Search feature in Noah 4.4 you can query Journal entries across your database to quickly locate records that have entries in common.

In this example we are showing a search defined to locate all Journal entries that have mentioned ‘mild sloping’, we set the date range from January 2012 to present.

You can then review the results of the search. Perhaps you’ll do a .csv export of the records to a spreadsheet for a mailing, or review the solutions you have prescribed based on the type of hearing loss.

Advanced Search of Journal entries across the Noah database is a Noah 4.4 feature to get to know! You can review this search and other search options at the Learning Center on the HIMSA website.