Noah 4 Software Update feature

Settings for the Noah 4 Software Update feature are located in the Noah Console:

  • By default Software Updates are set to ‘Automatically check for updates’. You will need to keep this setting to take advantage of the functionality described below.
  • Available updates for Noah 4 will be listed. If updates are present you can select and choose Install Updates.
  • You can choose to be notified when new updates are available by placing a check mark in ‘Send me an email notification’, entering your email address and clicking Save. Email messages will be sent to each PC that has enabled email notification. Emails are sent every two weeks until available updates have been applied. If you have multiple Noah computers in one office, it is advised to only enable email notification on one PC. 

     HIMSA will ONLY use your e-mail address to send information about software updates and will not rent or sell your email address to another company.
  • You can also manually check for any available updates by clicking the Check Now button.
  • If your Noah is up to date you will be notified that ‘You are already running the latest version of Noah 4’.
  • In a Noah 4 network setup if you update the Noah server using the Software Update tool then Noah client workstations will be notified and updated when first logging into Noah.

Be aware that the Noah software is not updated automatically. The Noah 4 Software Update feature is not automatic for two reasons:

  1. Noah 4 network installations. For Noah we enforce a rule where the server and the client workstations need to be on the same Noah 4 version. The server needs to be upgraded first and this will make Noah unavailable for the connected clients. This update procedure needs to be planned for most offices.
  2. Another important reason for not having the Noah 4 Software Update feature fully automatic is that HIMSA believes the user wishes to control when Noah functionality is maintained and updated, ensuring that it is not suddenly starting to update while a patient is in the office.