Unable to successfully upgrade to Noah 4.8 or Noah 4 modules do not open correctly when the Audigy module e-patient is installed.

Problem: The current ‘e-patient’ module (version 1.0.13), is distributing Noah libraries with its module install which is causing an issue when Noah is updated to 4.8.

The result is that Noah 4 API modules, for example the Noah 4 Audiogram module and Journal module, cannot launch.

During the upgrade to Noah 4.8 you will receive errors during the Noah Basic Module portion of the installation:

The Audigy developers have been made aware of this issue and an update for the e-patient module is being prepared for HIMSA certification and release.  This article will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

Current solution:

  1. If you have a planned upgrade to Noah 4.8 and the location has the e-patient module installed, uninstall the e-patient module. The update to Noah 4.8 will proceed normally. Or wait for the forthcoming e-patient module update before upgrading to 4.8.
  2. If the location is updating to Noah 4.8 and receiving errors during the Basic Modules installation, cancel out of the Basic Module install and complete the Noah 4.8 update.
  3. After the 4.8 upgrade has completed, and the Noah 4 API modules will not launch, close Noah, uninstall the e-patient module, relaunch Noah and try to open any Noah 4 API modules.
  4. You may have to manually install the HIMSA Basic modules. https://www.himsa.com/Download/NoahModulesfromHIMSA/tabid/634/language/en-US/Default.aspx