Noah 4 License Guidelines for Enterprises

This page describes how to and how not to use your Noah 4 license in different installation scenarios. 

How do I license my Noah if I have multiple offices connecting to a central Noah server in the main office?

Each satellite or remote office in a Noah 4 wide area network (WAN) needs its own unique Noah 4 license. The licenses will be registered to each remote office and installed on the local computers. In a hospital or clinic setting where the Noah server may not be in the audiology department but housed with other servers, the server location does not need its own license.

EXAMPLE: My hospital IT department requires that the Noah Server installation be located on a computer in the hospital's data center which is located at a different address then the main Audiological clinic. In addition to the main clinic we have 4 additional outreach clinic locations that will share the same database. None of the clinics are located at the same address as the data center. How many Noah 4 licenses does my company need? 

You will need 5 Noah licenses. If your company has requirements where the Noah related data is located at a different physical address (e.g. in a centralized data center) and the Noah features (e.g. adding patients, saving fittings) will not be performed at that location, then HIMSA permits that this location is not required to own a separate license.

Do I need a new Noah license for my new office computer?

If you are using a Noah 4 site license, it is good for all Noah PCs at your office location. However, if you have multiple offices, each office will need their own Noah site license. 

Can I use the Noah site license on my laptop while I am out of the office? 

Many hearing care professionals spend time on the road, on home visits or at satellite shops. If an audiologist is based at the main office but performs home visits 1-2 time a week, they are welcome to use the office’s Noah site license. 

However, in situations where one or more professionals work frequently at a different site, a separate Noah license will be necessary.

I cannot download my license. What do I do?

If you are having problems downloading your license, we suggest that you contact HIMSA using one of the following email addresses:

North and South America: 
Rest of World: 

Please include the following information in your email:

  • your Noah serial number or Noah license registration number
  • your name, your company name and your address

HIMSA will then contact you with the information you need to download your license.