The table below contains a link for downloading the Noah Data Standard Update Utility. 

Based on industry requirements, HIMSA may periodically need to define new Noah data standards, new formats, and updated data standard converters. 

The Noah Data Standard Update Utility provides an easy way for you to update a Noah installation with the latest data standards and updates.  This utility is supported on Noah versions 4.8 and newer.

Directions for Use

  • For Noah 4 non-networked installations – simply run schemas.exe
  • For Noah networked installations, on any Noah client workstations, simply run schemas.exe
    • The next login into Noah will start a process where the update is transferred to the Noah Server.  Subsequent client workstation logins will apply the update automatically.

Q: Does the update require elevated permissions to install?

A: No

Q: Is it possible for another application or installation process to apply this update?

A: Yes. It is possible to use a software deployment system to distribute this update.  The update can also be embedded into a Noah compatible module installation or application to apply the update.  The update will take care of the logic of updating if necessary, there is no concern for downgrading files.

Use the -S command for a silent installation if desired.

Note: The Noah Data Standard Update below is included in Noah 4.13 and higher.

Noah Data Standard Update Utility (Schemas.exe)516 KB – version 21, January 2023LinkLink