Would you like to have access to all your patient data from all your Noah computers?

If you already have an office network at your practice, sharing a single Noah database may not be as hard as you think. HIMSA estimates that at least 40% of Noah locations network their computers, share a common Noah database, and enjoy the advantages and efficiencies that networking brings. 

The first step is to make sure that all your Noah computers are on your office network. If your office already has a network where employees can share email, programs and documents on different computers, then you are well on your way to sharing a common Noah database. 

Here’s how to find out:

1. Make sure the Noah computers in your office are turned on.

2. On one of your Noah computers, open Noah System and click on the Setup menu. Then choose AdministrationNoah Server Setup and then Server Profiles. You will see this window:

3. Click on the New button. Then, in the Add Server Profiles window, type in a profile name and click on the Browse button.

4. Finally, click on the Refresh button. If all the Noah computers in your office appear in this list, then you should be ready to store all your patient data in a single office database.

If you don’t see any computers in the list, then you may not have an office network at your practice, or one that is ready for Noah. We recommend that you contact a computer consultant and explore the benefits of installing an office network.

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