Noah 4.13 (build 5404)

The information provided below is for Noah System user sites that use a software deployment system to automatically install Noah System, including silent installation. The information that is provided is made with the assumption that the reader has a technical background and experience with software deployment systems.

Note: These instructions cover the installation of Noah System only. When using the typical user interactive installation package the process will include the automatic installation of the 3 HIMSA basic modules that are often used by Noah users. The basic modules are separate products from HIMSA and have separate release cycles. It is highly recommended that you install the 3 basic modules or update them as necessary. The 3 modules with MSI packages can be found at:

Noah 4 Audiogram Module 1.5.0 deployment

Noah 4 Journal Module 4.8.0 deployment

Noah 4 Questionnaire Module 4.9.0 deployment

End User License Agreement

Acceptance of the end-user license agreement (EULA) By using a software a deployment system to deploy Noah System 4 within your company, you must agree to the end-user license agreement. This acceptance can be automated by following the instructions below. Using the instructions below implies that your company has reviewed and accepted the end-user license agreement. The easiest way to review the EULA is to run the MSI in interactive mode.”


There are two prerequisites that need to be installed before Noah 4.13 is installed:

  • Microsoft .net Framework 4.6
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0. There is a x64 bit version of the Microsoft SQL Compact Edition 4.0 and a x86 bit version. You will need to install the version that supports your operating system.

MSI and Related Files

This zip contains the:

  • Noah 4.msi,
  • 1033.mst file
MSI and Related FilesLink

Installation and Maintenance CommandsList

Installmsiexec.exe /i “Noah 4.msi” EULAACCEPTED=YES TRANSFORMS=”1033.MST” /qn /norestartInstalling will also upgrade previous versions
Uninstallmsiexec.exe /x “Noah 4.msi” /qb
Repairmsiexec.exe /f “Noah 4.msi” TRANSFORMS=”1033.MST” /qn

Automated Noah Configuration

Use the below information to Preconfigure the Noah installation to avoid having to run the Noah Configuration Wizard on each machine that has Noah has been installed on.  Automation is obtained by use of a noah.ini file.

Please download an example noah.ini file:


Please see Noah.ini Description for full details.

After the Noah.ini has been configured for your needs, you will need to copy the Noah.ini to the target machine.  This will be done as the second step in your installation package for Noah System 4.13 after Noah System has been installed.

The installation steps for the Noah System 4.13 are below.

Step 1 – Install Noah 4.13 on the target machine.

Step 2 – Deploy the Noah.ini to %ProgramData%\HIMSA\Noah (typically C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah) on the target machine.