Updated 24 Sep 2018

Please note that this issue involves many different known software applications and it is possible that the scope of the problem will expand.  HIMSA will continually update this support bulletin when new information becomes available.

Known Applications Impacted or Involved

  • Noah 4.9.1 and older, includes Noah System and Noah compatible business systems
  • Otosuite 4.81, 4.82, 4.83 and 4.84
  • Phonak Target 5.4.1
  • TIMS Noah compatible business system 6.06

General Problem

As currently understood the general problem is generated or influenced by the following applications.  It is possible that there are multiple separate but related issues.

Noah 4.8 and newer

In Noah 4.8, HIMSA corrected a mistake in a data standard definition file that Noah uses.  This correction was made to resolve a problem reported to HIMSA.  It appears that there is a chance that this fix caused a new issue.  HIMSA is currently investigating this topic as a high priority. 

Otosuite 4.81, 4.82, 4.83 and 4.84

If Otosuite records the word list name, it may inadvertently store an extra character which is not considered within the technical scope of the HIMSA published data standard.  The format of the HIMSA audiogram standard being used is the older variation offered by HIMSA but still supported.  The older style does not invoke data validation service enforced by Noah.  The newer more modern style of HIMSA data standards (XML) does invoke data validation before allowing data to be saved to Noah.

If a Noah compatible application asks Noah to convert the older format to the newer format and make use of modern software tools the result will be that the formatted data is considered invalid. 

More measurement equipment suppliers

HIMSA is also investigating other measurement systems for possible issues.  HIMSA normally needs to receive confirmation before publishing details.  More information will be included here as it becomes available.

Impacted Software

The below applications make use of a Noah provided feature

  • Phonak Target 5.4.1
  • TIMS 6.06


Solutions will be available in different stages

Coming Otometrics Provided Solution

The new version will ensure that newly created data is saved correctly. The new version will also be able to correct previously saved data, by opening the audiogram, create a new audiogram based on this, and save the new audiogram. The new audiogram will contain corrected data.

The fix will be provided in version 4.8.5 and assumed to be released in the time frame October 2018.

Noah provided Solution

You may upgrade your Noah System 4.8 to 4.8.1 or Noah 4.9.1 to 4.9.2 to resolve this issue. 

Longer Term HIMSA Quality Assurance Measures

HIMSA is currently investigating the feasibility to incorporating the validation of data stored in older format styles before allowing the storage of data in Noah.  This may result in some software not being able to store data to Noah but will help ensure that other applications are able to read data with a higher degree of certainty. Additionally, this functionality will be able to be used by module developers for testing during development to help increase compliance with the data standard formats.

Short Term Workaround

If needed it can be possible to make use of the HIMSA supplied Noah Audiogram module to enter an audiogram so that it may be read by other applications.