NOTE: This issue has been resolved in Noah 4.5

You see the following message seen in the Noah task bar:

   Database almost full

First, verify the database size in the Noah Console under Database Administration, Database Details. Noah has a 4GB size limit and space available can be seen here.

In most cases though there is plenty of space in the database. This message can appear in the bottom right corner of the Noah main screen or under Noah System Messages in the Noah Console.

The message gives the impression that the database is reaching capacity when in fact there are NO issues with the size of the Noah database.

This is a bug that occurs typically after another Noah error happens, for example error 50138. After the 50138 message is cleared by restarting services, the ‘Database almost full ‘can appear.

This message is a nuisance but does not reflect any problems with the functioning of Noah or the Noah database.

The message will clear on its own but can also be cleared in the Noah Console.

  1. Launch the Noah Console
  2. Backup the database from the Console
  3. Run a Repair on the database