The patient record merging functionality of Noah 4 is designed to compare a globally unique ID (GUID) when importing records into Noah 4 from Noah 4 in the .nhax file format. If the patient ID matches, Noah 4 recognizes that it is an existing record in the database and prompts to MergeReplaceAdd New, etc.

This design works as intended when the patient record being imported was created in the same Noah 4 database, hence has a matching GUID, for example when a record is exported from the server database to a laptop, updated, and imported back to the server.

If the patient record is coming from a different Noah 4 database, for example a Noah database at a different office, it is possible that the same patient will have two different unique IDs. In this case when importing the file Noah 4 does not recognize the patient as already existing in the database and it will import the record with no prompt and create a duplicate patient record.

If you want to merge records from different Noah 4 databases, when exporting choose to save the export as a nha format file – Noah 4 will then key on last name, first name matches.

With the release of Noah 4.1 in September the import/merge functionality will be updated. Noah will still look for a match of patient GUIDs, if there is an ID match Noah will merge that record automatically. If no GUID match is present Noah will check last name, first name for matches and prompt for Merge.