When launching Noah 4 you receive Error 309: Application Not Preferred Manager.

The problem is that Noah expects the following path when Noah4.exe connects:

C:\Program Files\HIMSA\Noah 4\Noah4.exe

If the path in the directory or the path in the shortcut have been renamed to lower case C:\Program Files\himsa, this error will occur.


  1. Locate the HIMSA directory at C:\Program Files\HIMSA
  2. If the HIMSA is lower case  C:\Program Files\himsa, stop the Noah Server and Noah Client services in the Windows Services Management Console.
  3. Rename the directory to all capital letters HIMSA and then restart the Noah Server and Noah Clientservices.
  4. If the directory is listed correctly, check the properties of the Noah 4 shortcut and verify the path in the shortcut is also all capital letters.