HIMSA certified fitting and measurement modules make use of HIMSA supplied data converters to read data from, and save data to, the Noah database.

For example, the Noah 4 Audiogram module saves an audiogram action to the Noah database in format 500. A fitting module reads the audiogram by converting the data from format 500 to format 200, the standard it was written to understand. In this case it will call the converter ‘Data type 1, from format 500 to format 200’.

Or a fitting module creates a hearing instrument selection action in format 500 but converts the action to format 100 before it saves to the Noah database. This could be done so that older modules will still be able to read and understand the action. The fitting module will call the converter for ‘Data type 130, from format 500 to format 100’.

There have been reports of some HIMSA converters not being registered properly on some Noah installations of Noah 4.7 and earlier. It is possible that the converters were never been properly registered during the initial Noah installation, but were never called to duty until now.

The reports have come primarily from Phonak because the latest Target module, 5.4.1, makes extensive use of format 500 and may be calling converters that have not been commonly used.

When saving a fitting to Target an error message occurs containing the text:

Cannot convert an action with id 0 from type 130 to the format 100.


Cannot convert an action with id 0 from type 129 to the format 100.


HIMSA continues to investigate why the converter registrations have not taken place, but has two work arounds available currently:

  1. Upgrade to Noah 4.8 or higher, converter registration is handled differently
  2. Run the bat file RegisterAC.bat found to the right to re-register the converters

Directions for the bat file:

Download and unzip the bat file. It can be run from the desktop.

  1. Close Noah or Noah business system
  2. Run batch file RegisterAC.bat
  3. Restart NoahClientService
  4. Start Noah or Noah business system