When a module is launched from Noah 4 it will be opened in the position and size that it was last closed with.

There is a known issue with Noah 4.0 where the module has been launched but it never appears on the screen. Upon further examination the module is visible on the Windows task bar.   Clicking on the task bar icon does not result in the module becoming visible.


The module was last closed while it was minimized and Noah has recorded this as the next launch state.

Solution 1: 

Upgrade to the latest version of Noah System software

Solution 2: 

Quick Manual Fix

The quickest way to fix the problem is to right mouse click on the module icon located on the task bar and then choose maximize. When finished with the module close without the module being minimized. The module will launch correctly the next time.

The solution above is easy for Windows Vista operating system. With Windows 7 the choice to maximize the window is not as easy to find. To maximize the window in Windows 7 hover over the task bar icon and wait for the preview pop up to appear, right mouse click in the preview are and choose maximize.