In this case the Noah Server service has stopped, it can be started, but then stops again.

The issue is with the Noah database Backup. A temporary back up folder has not been properly deleted and each time Noah tries to perform a backup, the Noah Server service stops.

The temporary backup folders are located at C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah

The solution is to remove the Noah Backup Temp folders:

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah
  2. Copy NoahBackupTemp1 and NoahBackupTemp2 to the Desktop
  3. Delete NoahBackupTemp1 and NoahBackupTemp2 from C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah
  4. Navigate to Services
  5. Start the Noah Server service, restart the Noah Client service
  6. Launch Noah
  7. Close Noah and navigate to the Noah Console
  8. Run a manual Backup of the database
  9. Verify the database was backed up successfully. By default, Backups are placed in: C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah\Backup\Database
    *depending on the size of the database, it may need 1 or 2 minutes to fully back up.
  10. Once you have a successfully created a backup of the Noah database, you can determine if you need to save the files in the NoahBackupTemp directories saved to the Desktop.

This issue will be fixed in the next release of Noah.