Changelog for version 17 

The ‘Schemas.exe’ self extracting executable (version 17) and SHA256 Checksum: ‘b734fbb9c5f095fbb3de630a9d95c70b3034e2ce72c842520f5af5e54e416c3c’ will ensure that the following XML Schemas, Action converter assembly and GlobOb.stg file will be applied to the Noah 4 desktop installation if required:

Noah XML Schemas: (These file is extracted to the “%ProgramData%\HIMSA\Noah\Schemas\Actions\” folder)

  • AudiogramMetadata-269-500.xsd
  • ScanMetaDataStandard-263-500.xsd
  • CochlearImplantSoundProcessorSelection-264-265-500.xsd
  • NotificationAction-303-500.xsd
  • Admittance-15-16-501.xsd
  • Impedance-15-16-500.xsd
  • Audiogram-1-502.xsd
  • RealEarMeasurement-3-4-501.xsd
  • Audiogram-1-500.xsd
  • HearingInstrumentFitting-131-132-500.xsd
  • HearingInstrumentSelection-129-130-500.xsd
  • HearingInstrumentTest-5-6-500.xsd
  • RealEarMeasurement-3-4-500.xsd
  • RemoteControlSelection-133-500.xsd

WSI XML Schemas: (These file is extracted to the “%ProgramData%\HIMSA\Noah\Schemas\WSI\” folder)

  • PatientExportV3-1.xsd
  • NoahDataExchangeV1-1.xsd
  • NoahDataExchangeV2-1.xsd
  • NoahDataExchangeV3-1.xsd
  • PatientExportV1-1.xsd
  • PatientExportV2-1.xsd

Action Converter assembly: (This file is extracted to the “%ProgramData%\HIMSA\Noah\SystemUpdate\Converters” folder)

  • NoahActionConverters.dll [version]

System database: (This file is extracted and moved to the “%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\Himsa Shared\” folder)

  • GlobOb.stg [version 125]

Default application behaviour:

Just running the Schemas.exe file will Install the contained files unless newer versions are already present.

It is also possible to run the Schemas.exe file in silent mode by adding any argument, however is is recommended to run it with the ‘-s’ argument like this: Schemas.exe -s