The following is a list of changes for the most recent release of the Audiogram Module.

Änderungen – version 1.5.0 (1009)

  • Resolves a potential issue when using the module with Noah ES. The situation is no longer confusing if the same patient is opened on multiple PCs and the same audiogram is edited on both PCs.
  • If detected, the Noah 4 Audiogram module install will not try to uninstall Noahaud 3.
  • Printing issues with Asian-based languages.
  • Resolves issue with Test Date field cut off on printed report in some languages

Änderungen – version 1.4.0 (875)

  • Resolves an issue where the Audiogram Module 1.4.0 (874) would not save correctly on some Noah compatible business systems. HIMSA has resolved the test tool issues and has notified the effected business systems of the issue (AM-178).

Änderungen – version 1.4.0 (874)

  • Resolves a number of bug fixes for reading of tympanometry and acoustic reflex tests created by other measurement software
  • Implements an improved flexible workflow support when patient records are switched without needing to close the module
  • Noah Audiogram Module 1.4 is now FIPS compliant

Änderungen – version 1.3.0 (848)

  • Audiogram now support Fast Data View
  • Possibility to edit actions made by another user is removed
  • Preferences saved for severity of loss
  • The compare audiogram is updated with switch of patient

Änderungen – version 1.2.1 (823)

  • New Feature : Added support for Tympanometry and Accoustic Reflex
  • Issue resolved : some high frequency curves not displayed correctly

Änderungen – version 1.1.1 (558)

  • Minor improvements to the installation

Änderungen – version 1.1.1 (556)

  • Noah Audiogram Module has been updated to install with the Noah Basic Module installation when you install Noah System 4.5.

Bekannte Probleme – version 1.0.1 (528)

  • Support issue for locations entering masking levels via the Test Data table entry
    If you enter a masking dB level via the Test Data table, you must tab, arrow, or click to the next field after entering the level to record the point.
  • Viewing data in the Test Data table
    If audiometric data is visible in the Audiogram Module but the Test Data table appears blank, switch to the Speech tab and back again to refresh the table. This may be seen in the first 24 hours after entering an audiogram. Do not enter data into the blank Test Data table or you will have to re-enter the full audiogram.

Wichtige Änderungen seit Beta 2

  • Updating an audiogram saved on the same day could fail, this is now addressed.
  • BC test points are now not connected by a line
  • Default AC Insert Phone symbols will be same as Phones.  The exception will be Nordic country setups.
  • Severity of loss underlay is now configurable
  • A graph underlay will now stay selected as a default choice until you decide to change it.
  • Better chance of graph symbols not overlapping
  • Great improvements in reading audiometric data created by other audiometer software
  • Report comments entry area is improved to provide feedback as to how many lines and total characters are available.
  • Installations on Windows XP will be prevented.  HIMSA does not support nor test for Windows XP
  • Ordering of test types is now saved properly
  • And many other more minor issues and enhancements