A manual backup of a large Noah database will report that it has completed, when in fact it is still running.

When you perform a manual Noah Backup, Noah will quickly report ‘Backup completed’. 

In the case of an average size database, the backup does complete quickly, and this message is accurate.

In the case of a large Noah database, the backup may still be in process even though the message reports it completed successfully.

If you perform a manual backup and check the backup location and are missing the complete backup file set, you can check if there is a backup in progress by navigating to  C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah and look for Noah Backup Temp. If that directory is present, it indicates a backup is in progress.

It is difficult to predict exactly the time to expect a backup to complete, machine power and database size greatly influence the backup speed, but for example, a 1 GB database backup could take 10 minutes to complete.

For Noah 4.8 and earlier, a complete backup set includes the and the

For Noah 4.9.1 and later, the complete backup set also includes a Noah4ActivityLog.sdf


This issue has been fixed in Noah 4.10 and later.