On a new computer:

When installing Noah 4.15 on a new computer that has never had Noah installed before, the log in settings are as follows:

  1. The log in system in Noah 4.15 is enabled by default. The user will be required to enter a password for the default user ABC. Password is 123.  
    If the user just clicks OK on the log in without entering a password, they will be presented with ‘Invalid login. Please try again.’
  2. The password is set to expire after 30 days. This setting may be desired, but the setting can also be modified or disabled if needed.
  3. The Login settings are found in the Noah Console under Security Administration, Login.

On a Noah upgraded computer:
For upgrades to Noah 4.15, the Noah 4.14 settings are preserved. Users and user settings that were present in 4.14 are the same.