Prerequisites for Noah

  • Verify all Windows accounts that will use Noah have been placed in one of three Noah groups in AD, the specific group will determine their role in Noah
  • Decide if you want to let Noah users link their own Noah user to their Windows account
  • Decide if you want let Noah users create new Noah user accounts, if for example you have been using ABC
  • Decide if you want the Administrator in Noah to link all the Noah user accounts with the Windows login using the Single Sign in option

Linking Noah accounts to Active Directory using Single Sign On ID

  • It is possible for IT or the Noah Administrator to link the Noah and Windows accounts ahead of time by entering the Windows login directly at the ‘Single Sign On ID’ for the Noah User
  • This method will be simple for the Noah user, they will not need to enter their Noah user or password or set up a new user account as they launch Noah
  • This method also allows IT or Noah Administrator the most control as Noah accounts can be uniformly formatted and setup ahead of time

The Noah Administrator navigates to User Administration, User List, and can Edit User or add New User and directly enter the Windows account at the Single Sign On ID

  • In this example we have edited an existing Level 1 user, Susan S Smith
  • Susan Smith has already been placed in the Active Directory Group NoahLevel1Users
  • At the Single Sign On ID we have added her Windows account in the format of domain\user, HIMSAUSA\ssmith
  • Click OK
  • When Susan Smith logs into Windows and launches Noah she will see her Noah login entered in the domain format because Active Directory has been enabled for Noah**
  • When she clicks OK she will be logged into Noah without any interaction on her part because the linking has already been done by the Administrator.

** The first time a Noah Client launches to a server set up for Active Directory they will see the Noah User Administration login, this will always be presented the first login after the machine switch to AD. They can click OK, get logged into Noah, then close Noah and reopen to see the Windows login format.

Linking Noah users to Active Directory accounts using an existing Noah user

  • Alternately the Noah Administrator can let the hearing care professional select their exiting user account in Noah. When they open Noah for the first time after enabling AD, they will be prompted to Use exiting or User New. Chose user existing.
  • They will need to know the User name and password for the Noah user account they are linking to. Enter the user name and password of the existing Noah account, click OK and launch into Noah.

Linking Noah users to Active Directory accounts creating a new Noah User

  • The Noah Administrator can also choose to allow the hearing care professional to add a new Noah user account, possibly the location has been using ABC and does not have unique Noah users created
  • Again, first confirm that any Windows users that wish to use Noah have been added to the correct Noah Group in Active Directory
  • Confirm that the Noah Administrator has selected ‘Allow the creation of users at login’ when enabling Active Directory for Noah