In Noah System 4.9 patient data security has been enhanced by preventing Noah users from editing actions created by a different Noah user.

For example, if Noah user A enters and saves a Journal Module entry into Noah, Noah user B cannot edit that entry. If changes need to be made, User B can choose Copy and make changes to the existing entry, or choose New and enter a new Journal. In this case Edit will not be presented as an option. This will ensure that any changes are assigned to the user that made them and maintain the integrity of the patient record.

The Noah Audiogram Module also follows this same rationale and design, but versions 1.2 and earlier of the module still present the option to Edit when you are logged in with a different user.  The module will let you choose Edit and then, when selecting Save, the user will be presented with an error ‘00006 Error saving to Noah, ‘Editing actions created by other users is not allowed’.  This functionality has been updated in the Audiogram Module version 1.3 and later to not allow Edit, only to Copy or New when logged in with a different Noah user.