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Noahlink Wireless 2 information:

Noahlink Wireless 2 is an updated version of the Noahlink Wireless programming interface, expected to be released in October of 2023.

Noahlink Wireless 2 product will be a drop-in replacement for the current Noahlink Wireless 1 product, and have the same capabilities as the current Noahlink Wireless. This means that Noahlink Wireless 2 will initially offer Hearing Care Professionals the same capabilities as Noahlink Wireless does today. In the longer run, Noahlink Wireless 2 will offer updated BLE features for Hearing Instrument Manufacturers.

Noahlink Wireless 2 is also made more robust for the future. The current Noahlink Wireless is being phased out of the product line, since some of the components in the device have reached end of life.

Current Status:
All orders for Noahlink Wireless will be suggested converted to Noahlink Wireless 2 orders, as the component stock for being able to produce Noahlink Wireless 1 is now exceeded. Smaller orders can still be confirmed.

All Noahlink Wireless 1 orders for delivery in September and October that have been confirmed will be delivered as confirmed.

All new orders must be made for Noahlink Wireless 2 (HIMSA Partnumber 2520-000000). The orders will be fulfilled with delivery dates starting in November.

HIMSA is still waiting for the CE, FCC, IC approvals to come through and be documented by an external company. This means that we cannot yet upload the different approvals and DoC etc. This will be done in October.

Please follow this page for more updates on the schedule.

Expected Mass Production ready: September 2023 (Meaning that the factory is ready to receive orders and pull in components for later production)

This mean that it is expected to fulfil the first orders in November. For smaller orders that can be shipped from the HIMSA offices this can be done in October.

It is already possible to place orders for the Noahlink Wireless 2. The shipping dates will though first be confirmed when the factory is production ready by the end of September.

Please note that the Noahlink Wireless 2 has its own part number.

This is to avoid confusion about which product is expected to be received. The lead time will still be around 6-8 weeks for Noahlink Wireless 2 from order to shipment once the production process is finalized.

Ordering and Information sheets below

The following table contains information sheets, graphics and logos for Noahlink Wireless 2. All graphics are in compressed files and must be “unzipped” before they can be used.

NOTE: Before using HIMSA product logos, product names or graphics, please read the Name, Trademark and Logo Guidelines. Refer to the right-hand column of this page.

Noahlink Wireless 2 pricelistPdf formatlinkSept 6, 2023
Noahlink Wireless 2 Information sheet (Draft)Pdf formatlinkMarch 6, 2023
Noahlink Wireless 2 SpecificationsPdf formatlinkSept 8, 2023
Noahlink Wireless 2 logo (3.7 Mb)The Noahlink Wireless 2 logo in three color versions, eps and png formats.linkMarch 1, 2023
Noahlink Wireless 2 Product photos (6.84 Mb)Noahlink Wireless 2 photos in eps, tiff and png formats linkMarch 1, 2023
Noahlink Wireless 2 User ManualPdf Formatlink
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