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October 2021HIMSA announces the Noah ES Limited Release
Windows 11 not yet supported for HIMSA Products
September 2021Thanks for visiting us at the EUHA show in Hannover!
Noah System ‘Database almost full’
August 2021Noah ES Preview at EUHA in Hannover
The Noah Activity Log
June 2021Noah ES Beta 2 Status
End of support for Noah System version 4.10 on June 30, 2021
May 2021Noahlink Wireless Status: New Manufacturer Support
Noah 4 Audiogram Module Evaluation Date
April 2021Noah ES beta 2 testing has begun!
Support Tip: Noah System Security Review
March 2021NOAHaud 3 issues after recent Microsoft Updates
February 2021End of support for Noah System version 4.9 on February 28, 2021
January 2021Noah 4.13 Now Available for Download!
Noah ES configuration options in Noah System 4.13
December 20202020: Year in Review
November 2020Noah ES Status– quick beta test provides promising results
NOAHlink End of Sales – March 2021
October 2020Noah ES Status Update – lots of progress, still a way to go
End of support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and 2012 R2
September 2020New HIMSA Website 
Use a Standard Windows account for greater security
August 2020The Rise of Cloud Computing
Cloud Storage for your Noah System Backups
June 2020ARM-based Windows 10 not supported
What does it mean that my fitting or measurement module is HIMSA certified?
May 2020End of support for Noah System version 4.8 on May 31, 2020
April 2020Can I use the Noah site license while I am out of the office?
March 2020HIMSA COVID-19 Update
February 2020Keeping Noah Up-to-Date
Upgrade Path for Unsupported Noah System Versions
January 2020Looking Forward to 2020
Microsoft officially ends support for Windows 7
December 20192019: Year in Review
Warning: Illegal Noahlink Wireless units on the market
November 2019Time to move to Windows 10
How do I create a Template in the Noah Journal Module?
October 2019All you need to know about Noah 4 compatible products
HIMSA Product Life Cycle and Platform Strategy document
September 2019Noah User Access Levels
August 2019Noahlink Wireless Status: Over 100,000 units sold!
End of support for Noah System version 4.7 on November 30, 2019
June 2019Release Announcement: 4.12 Now Available for Download
What is the new icon in Noah System 4.12?
May 2019Introducing the Noah Alert Dashboard
The Clock is Ticking on Microsoft Support for Windows 7
April 2019Noah Mobile Technology: A Strong Foundation for Tele-Health Applications
What does it mean that my fitting or measurement module is HIMSA certified?
March 2019Merge Duplicate Patients Feature in Noah
February 2019SHOEBOX and Noah Mobile Technology: Thinking Outside of the Booth™
Changes in the Noah Console for version 4.10
January 2019Celebrating 25 Years of Noah
Encrypting Noah Exports
December 2018Look for the Certified Support Seal
November 2018Preparing for the Tele-Health Revolution
Review your Noah Database Backup Settings
October 2018Fond Farewell to Managing Director Niels Munksgaard
What is a database Restore and when would I use it?
September 2018Using Noah 4.6 or earlier? Six reasons to upgrade!
End of Support for Noah System 4.6 on November 30th, 2018
August 2018Noahlink Wireless Status: Over 70000 units sold!
NOAHlink and the Microsoft Spring Update 1803 for Windows 10: Solution Now Available!
June 2018GDPR: Do I need to do anything special to continue using Noah System?
Windows Update Breaks Bluetooth Communication with NOAHlink (Noahlink Wireless unaffected)