by Scott Peterson, V.P. of
New Product Development

The HIMSA staff have just returned from the EUHA trade show in Hannover Germany, and we would once again like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth.

Attendance was way up from last year’s show, and there was much more excitement in the air as well. This could also be felt at the HIMSA booth, with many visitors stopping by for Noah ES information … and a free pet cactus.

Noah ES was officially released last February in the USA and EU, and many visitors stopped by our booth to find out when Noah ES will be available in their region. Most of these professionals were looking for a way to easily share their patient database between multiple offices, and Noah ES is the ideal solution.

If you are interested in Noah ES availability in your country or region, please send us an email to

Be sure to include the name of your country, as well as the estimated number of Noah ES users in your business. We will then use this data when determining the future availability of Noah ES.

For more information on Noah ES, click here.

Thanks again for visiting us and we hope you have found a good home for your Noah ES pet cactus … like Bernhard Hanisch in Switzerland!

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