The setup and planning for Noah installations or upgrades at larger locations requires special consideration. The information provided below is meant to answer questions you may have while planning for your Noah installation in an enterprise setting. By enterprise setting we typically mean hospitals, large clinics, and some chain locations. These locations are supported by IT departments that are interested in adhering to enterprise wide security, administration, and data requirements.

Link NameDescription
Security ConsiderationsImportant information security considerations for your Noah installation.
Noah 4 Minimum RequirementsIMPORTANT: The following requirements are for the Noah System software only. Your Noah fitting and measurement modules will most likely have higher requirements in order to run on your PC.
WAN Support StatementHIMSA has published the following list of requirements for offices that wish to share a common Noah System 4 database between office locations using a Wide Area Network (WAN).
FAQ for configuring Noah to use Microsoft SQL ServerA list of frequently asked questions to help you configure Noah to use a Microsoft SQL Server.
License Guidelines for EnterprisesThis page details specifics on the Noah site license and how to correctly apply your Noah 4 license in different installation scenarios.
HIMSA Product Life Cycle and Platform StrategyThe purpose of the HIMSA Platform Strategy document is to give all interested parties an overview and insight of the Noah platform strategy HIMSA intends to use in the future
Noah Network PortsNoah requires the following ports to be open for client server communication.
This page also includes the required ports for locations that have Noah configured with the WSI solution.