The links below provide important information security considerations for your Noah installation.

Link NameDescription
Security Related Documentation for HCP’s – Focus on GDPRSecurity and compliance is a topic of growing importance and HIMSA continues to provide good software tools and advice on how your practice might best meet the requirements of your country or your company.
FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards)Noah System 4.12 (and later) and the HIMSA modules that install with Noah 4.12 do support FIPS security standards and are FIPS compliant.
A simple way to start securing your Noah patient dataIf the Noah login system is not enabled, anyone opening up Noah can complete administrator-level tasks such as deleting and exporting patients.
Strong Passwords and User Access LevelsWith modern technology and stringent data regulations, the more you can do to secure your patient data the better. This includes strong passwords and employee security level access.
Is your Laptop Security Compliant?What if someone stole your laptop with your patient data? Would you be liable?
Backing up and Restoring data in your Noah databaseThis page provides guidelines for securely backing up the data in your Noah database.
HIPAA Security StrategiesContains a list of recommended steps to improve security and accuracy of activity tracking.
The Noah Activity LogFor security and accountability, Noah provides an Activity Log feature which records events taking place in Noah. Major enhancements have been introduced in Noah 4.9 that mean expanded tracking and improved management of Activity logging in Noah.
Security Questionnaire for Noah System 4As part of a product evaluation process, many locations have configuration and security questions that need to be reviewed regarding Noah System. Requirements vary from location to location but the Noah System 4.4 Security Questionnaire will answer many questions and provide a technical overview.
Noah Logging Error (archived)For Noah versions 4.7 and older, a local Noah log file can store the first, last name, and Patient Number of a patient each time a Noah user selects a patient and opens a module. No additional personal identifying information (e.g. addresses, gender) is recorded. This is an error because all patient information must be stored in a way that is controllable for the hearing care business.