This page provides a list of Noah-compatible measurement equipment, based on information provided by the individual manufacturers. 

Important: Some information in the table may be out of date. Please contact your instrument manufacturer for up-to-date information for their product compatibility.

AcousticonACAM 5Modular system with modules for:
Audiometer (Class II), REM, HIT, Loudness Scaling, Loudness Fitting, HI Fitting
ACAM 5 module2020-05-28 03:19 PM
AmplivoxAmplivox Otowave 102-1, 102-4, 202 Portable tympanometersAmplivox otowave tympanometer module2015-02-022015-02-02
AmplivoxAmplivox 240, 260, 270 Diagnostic AudiometersAudi-link driver2020-05-28 03:24 PM
Hearing aid verification systems including real-ear measurement (REM) and hearing instrument testbox (HIT)NOAH software module2020-05-28 03:26 PM
AuditdataPrimusModular, PC-based Hearing Aid Fitting System. Includes Video Otoscopy, Diagnostic Audiometer, Real Ear Measurement, Speech Mapping, Comfort Optimiser, Counselling and HITPrimus2015-01-142015-01-14
BiotoneHubSoundHubsound is a new free field software using brand new test like : VRB, spatial localization and VCV.HubSound2020-05-28 03:29 PM
Chiara SoftwaresHearing SpaceAudiometer, Tonal, Vocal with lips reading, Tumult Speech Test, VR Localisation testHearing Space module2020-05-28 03:29 PM
EvertoneAuris Audiometer
Digital Otoscopy
AudiometerAuris2020-05-28 03:36 PM
Grason-StadlerGSI 10, GSI 16, GSI 39, GSI 61, GSI Arrow, GSI TympStarGSI Audio Tymp module2020-05-28 03:37 PM
Grason-StadlerGSI AudioStar Pro, GSI TympStar Pro, GSI TympStar, GSI Pello, Corti, GSI 61, GSI 39GSI Suite 2015-04-132015-01-26
InteracousticsAffinity Compact
Affinity 2.0
Can include REM, HIT, AUD and ViotAffinity Suite2020-05-28 03:45 PM
Can include REM, HIT, AUD and ViotCallisto Suite2020-05-28 03:46 PM
InteracousticsViotContains only ViotViot Suite2020-05-28 03:47 PM
Diagnostic Suite2020-05-28 03:48 PM
InteracousticsTitanCan include IMP, ABRIS, TEOAE and DPOAETitan Suite2020-05-28 03:49 PM
Inventis srlDelfinoWireless video otoscopeMaestro Noah module2020-05-28 04:01 PM
Inventis srlBell
AudiometersMaestro Noah module2015-01-142015-01-14
Inventis srlFlute
Tympanometers Maestro Noah module
Inventis srlTrumpetREM SystemMaestro Noah module2020-05-28 04:07 PM
Inventis srlDrumHIT BoxMaestro Noah module2020-05-28 04:08 PM
KoalysKoalysBy making the most of the latest computer innovations on the Internet and in the Cloud, Koalys offers a user-friendly, powerful and upgradable testing tool.Noah Mobile2020-05-28 03:28 PM
Labat Asia Private LtdAudiolab+ Pro
Audiosoft-N2023-05-04 05:38 AM
Maico DiagnosticsST20, ST26, ST32, ST36
MA41, MA42 (2012-)
MA50, MA51, MA52, MA53 MA55(Ger)
MAICO Audiometry Module2020-05-28 04:09 PM
Maico DiagnosticsMA55
MA30, Pilot
Maico Audiometry Module2020-05-28 04:10 PM
Maico DiagnosticsRaceCar Tymp, RaceCar Audiotymp
MI 24, MI 26, MI 34, MI 44
MAICO Impedance Module2020-05-28 04:11 PM
MedRxAvant A2D+
Avant Stealth
Avant ARC
Avant Otoscope
MedRx Studio
Avant AUD Module
MedRxAvant REM+
Avant Arc
MedRx Studio
Avant REM module
MedRxAvant HIT+MedRx Studio
Avant HIT module
2020-05-28 04:13 PM
MedRxOtowaveMedRx Studio
Avant AUD module
MedRxAvant A2D
Avant Audiometer
Avant AUD module2020-05-28 04:13 PM
MedRxAvant HITAvant HIT module2020-05-28 04:13 PM
MedRxAvant REM
Avant REMsp
Avant REM module2015-02-272015-02-26
MedRxVOMedRx Studio2020-05-28 04:15 PM
OscillaOscilla A30, A50, A60, USB330, USB350, SM930, SM950Diagnostic Audiometers controlled by softwareOscilla AudioConsole Noah software module2015-01-152015-01-15
OscillaOscilla TSM400, TSM500, T830, T840Tympanometers controlled by softwareOscilla AudioConsole Noah software module2015-01-152015-01-15
OtodynamicsOtocheck TE
Otocheck DP
Otoport DP+TE
Otoport Screener
Otoport Advance
Otoacoustic emissions and auditory brainstem response systemsOtolink Noah module2015-01-152015-01-15
Otohub Srl OtoPadFirst iPad based full 2-channel audiometer: Pure Tone (Air, Bone, Sound Field), Speech (SRT/SD, PI, APD), Tinnitus, TDT, Stenger, ABLB. Patient Database built-in and PDF Reporting included.Noah Mobile2020-05-28 04:20 PM
Otohub Srl OtoKioskFirst calibrated automated audiometer on mobile device: calibrated hearing test based on Hughson-Westlake, Hearing Aids Simulation, Lead to a Professional Map, comprehensive web portal for real data monitoring. Noah Mobile2020-05-28 04:22 PM
Otohub Srl OtoRemoteFirst TeleAudiology solution on mobile devices. Performing diagnostic hearing tests (Pure Tone, Speech, Tinnitus etc.) relying just on two mobile devices: one for the Clinician and the other for the Patient.Noah Mobile2020-05-28 04:23 PM
OtovationOTOPod M1
Amplitude T-Series
AudiometersSymphony NOAH Module2020-05-28 04:25 PM
OtovationOTOSphere Audiometer Real Ear MeasurementSymphony 2 NOAH Module2020-05-28 04:26 PM
OtovationOTOProHearing Instrument TestSymphony HIT NOAH Module2020-05-28 04:27 PM
OtometricsAURICAL PlusIntegrated Fitting SystemAURICAL Plus REM
2020-05-28 04:30 PM
OtometricsAURICAL Visible SpeechVisible Speech SystemOTOsuite2020-05-28 04:32 PM
OtometricsMADSEN Astera2Audiometer (type 1)OTOsuite2020-05-28 04:33 PM
OtometricsAURICAL FreeFitWireless real earOTOsuite2020-05-28 04:37 PM
OtometricsAURICAL AudAudiometerOTOsuite2020-05-28 04:38 PM
OtometricsAURICAL HITTest chamber for HIT and coupler fittingOTOsuite2020-05-28 04:40 PM
OtometricsMADSEN Capella2Otoacustic Emissions (OAE) analyzerOTOsuite2020-05-28 04:41 PM
OtometricsAURICAL OTOcam 300Video OtoscopeOTOsuite2020-05-28 04:42 PM
OtometricsMADSEN ConeraAudiometerConera Aud module2020-05-28 04:43 PM
OtometricsMADSEN Itera II MADSEN XetaAudiometerOTOsuite2020-05-28 04:44 PM
OtometricsMADSEN CapellaCochlear Emissions AnalyzerCapella2020-05-28 04:44 PM
OtometricsMADSEN OTOflex 100Diagnostic Immittance DeviceOTOsuite2020-05-28 04:45 PM
OtometricsMADSEN Zodiac 901Middle-Ear AnalyzerZodiLink2020-05-28 04:46 PM
OtometricsMADSEN ZodiacDiagnostic TympanometerOTOsuite2020-05-28 04:47 PM
OtometricsMADSEN Tymp-ScreenMiddle-Ear ScreenerTymp-Link2020-05-28 04:48 PM
OtometricsMADSEN Orbiter MADSEN Midimatestandalone instruments with software interfaceAudi-link driver2020-05-28 04:48 PM
PATH MEDICALSentiHandheld or Desktop audiometer with all psycho-acoustical tests including bone, free field, speech and play audiometry. Includes MIRA PC software interface. Senti + Sentiero2020-05-28 04:50 PM
PATH MEDICALSentieroHandheld or Desktop device with TEOAE, DPOAE, ABR, ASSR, TYMP and all audiometry features available in Senti. Includes MIRA PC software interface.Senti + Sentiero2020-05-28 04:51 PM
SHOEBOXSHOEBOX Audiometry ProSHOEBOX Audiometry Pro offers a full range of clinical testing capabilities with the convenience of an iPad. Results sync to a cloud-based portal and audiometric threshold results move directly to Noah 4. Ideal for the mobile clinician offering out-of-the-booth testing.Noah Mobile2020-05-28 04:52 PM
SivantosSD 270Diagnostic AudiometerAudi-Link driver2020-05-28 04:55 PM
WSAUnity 4
Unity 3
The Unity system comprises of a two-channel software-based clinical audiometer, Real Ear Module and test box. The Unity Audiometer works with full data integration to accurately measure hearing loss and provide an explanation of the hearing result.Unity module2015-02-022015-02-02