Use this page to download Noah Basic Modules provided by HIMSA.

IMPORTANT: To download fitting and measurement modules from our member companies, please contact the manufacturer or their local distributor. 

Noah 4 Basic Modules from HIMSA

Noah 4 Audiogram Module 1.4.0 (875)Released in March 2019 and requires Noah 4.9 or later.17.3 MBLinkLink
Noah 4 Journal Module 4.7.0 (284)Released in May 2019.11 MBLinkLink
Noah 4 Questionnaire Module version 4.9.0 (428)Released in March 2019.21 MBLinkLink

Previous Audiogram Module versions

The newest Audiogram Module version requires Noah 4.9 or later. If you are using an earlier version of Noah, you can download a previous version of the Audiogram Module using the links in the table below. 

Noah 4 Audiogram Module 1.2.1 (823)For Noah 4.8.
Released in October 2017.
12.8 MBLinkLink
Noah 4 Audiogram Module 1.1.1 (558)For Noah 4.7 and earlier.
Released in May 2016.
12.6 MBLinkLink

NOAH 3 Basic Modules from HIMSA (no longer supported)

Questionnaire the COSI and APHAB questionnaires, in English and German.6.3 MBLink
NOAHaud 3.1 (2576)Lets you manually input puretone, speech and impedance data.10.2 MBLink