This page provides downloads for two Noahlink Wireless utilities:

  • Noahlink Wireless Driver Installer
  • Noahlink Wireless Firmware Upgrader

Noahlink Wireless is a simple ‘plug and play’ setup, there is no software program for Noahlink Wireless setup or support. Once a fitting module that supports Noahlink Wireless has been installed, the hearing professional will simply plug the unit into the PC, BLE drivers will install or be updated, and the fitting module will search for and detect the Noahlink Wireless unit. 

If for some reason the drivers are not automatically installed, they are available in the table below. 

Note: This driver is also for use with both Noahlink Wireless 2 and Noahlink Wireless 1.

Noahlink Wireless DriverFor Windows 10 and 11
March 2017
15 MBLink

The Noahlink Wireless firmware upgrader supports both Noahlink Wireless and Noahlink Wireless 2 (from version The upgrader will detect NLW devices connected and offer the firmware upgrade if a newer firmware is available.

The firmware upgrade instructions cover both Noahlink Wireless and Noahlink Wireless 2


  • Updated versions of the Noahlink Wireless firmware are posted on the HIMSA website when released to HIMSA Member Companies. It is not always necessary to update the firmware in the Noahlink Wireless to latest version until the fitting module you work with requires it. At that time the fitting module may prompt for the Noahlink Wireless to be updated, or the company will notify you it is time to upgrade.
  • Make sure to close any Fitting Software before you search for Noahlink Wireless devices within the updater tool.
  • When updating firmware, do not connect your Noahlink Wireless using a USB hub. Connect directly to a USB port on your computer.

Upgrade Procedure:

  1. Prior to running this program, connect each Noahlink Wireless unit to a USB port with the cable provided.
  2. Download the Noahlink Wireless Upgrader tool from the table below and double-click to start it.
  3. When a Noahlink Wireless unit is found, it will be identified in the list by its serial number (S/N), which is also written on the bottom of the unit.
  4. The status of each connected Noahlink Wireless unit can be seen in the Status field. If the unit needs to be upgraded, it will show “Ready to Upgrade”. Otherwise it will show “Up to date NLW”.

  5. Click the check box next to each Noahlink Wireless unit entry you want to upgrade. Then click on the Upgrade button.
    WARNING: Do not unplug your Noahlink Wireless unit during the upgrade process! If you do so, the unit being upgraded will no longer work. The upgrade process may take 2-3 minutes.
  6. When the upgrade is complete, the status field for the unit(s) will change to “Up to date NLW”.

Important: HIMSA has recently implemented a new security certificate for our downloads. Virus protection systems may not yet recognize it as safe and you may receive a security warning from your software. If you receive a security warning, it is safe to proceed with the installation.

Noahlink Wireless Firmware Upgrader firmware:
– v. 2.25 for Noahlink Wireless and
– v. 3.17 for Noahlink Wireless 2
May 2024
18.7 MBLink

Click here for older Noahlink Wireless firmware versions.