The Noah software system is designed specifically for the hearing care industry, providing hearing care professionals with a unified system for performing client-related tasks.

The heart of Noah is its “integration framework”, supported by over 100 hearing care companies worldwide.

With Noah, you can measure a client’s hearing loss – with audiograms, speech tests, or loudness scaling, for example – using a tool from one supplier. The results will then be passed automatically to the common database, for use by any of several fitting systems from other suppliers.

You can use Noah to record journal notes regarding the client session. All information is automatically saved into the client’s record, either in Noah or in a Noah-compatible office management system, without any direct action on your part.

Noah comes with modules for performing basic fitting, measurement and office management functions, allowing users to put it to work immediately. However, the real power of Noah is attained by adding more sophisticated fitting, measurement and business management tools provided by licensed HIMSA member companies.

Noah is now installed on an estimated 130,000 PCs in over 150 countries.

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