Noah ES has been designed as a highly automated, reliable service, and as such the need for technical and product-related support is generally light.

There may be times where you have an issue you need help with, have a question or suggestion and HIMSA is here to help and offers two different support options:

  • Self-Service and Online Help Desk (included free of charge)
  • HIMSA Direct Support

Self-Service and Online Help Desk

At, HIMSA provides the Noah ES Support Portal, with 2 main free support resources:

  • Extensive knowledge base to quickly locate solutions to common issues and questions.
  • If you are unable to find an answer or solution you are welcome to use the online help desk which is monitored by HIMSA’s technical support team.

Q: If I have an issue that I need assistance with, am I able to call HIMSA and speak to a support engineer?   

A: This is not an included service.  Please use the easy-to-use help desk and you will receive help.  If your support situation is not easily resolved or needs special attention, HIMSA will set up a time to have a live conversation with you and/or a remote desktop support session.

Q: Can I have a HIMSA member company support engineer help me with my issue and will HIMSA assist in this way, as is currently done with Noah 4 support?

A: Yes

Q: Will HIMSA fill out and sign my company’s required security/compliance questionnaire?

A: HIMSA is dedicated to providing your company the information you need to ensure that your patient data is handled with the highest standards.  We provide a great level of details at Compliance Offerings that should address your concerns.  If you are not able to find an answer or need further details you are welcome to use the support help desk to ask for answers to your open questions.

HIMSA does not offer to fill out your questionnaire under the included self-service support plan.  You may submit your form and HIMSA will provide you a cost and time estimate.

HIMSA Direct Support

HIMSA believes that the included self-service model is perfect for most customers and we dedicate a great deal of effort to keep our content up to date and services responsive.

However, if your company desires to have more direct contact with HIMSA for support, then you can purchase the HIMSA Direct Support option.  With this option you will have access to the following:

  • Annual meeting with HIMSA staff to review your account setup
  • Call HIMSA directly to speak with a support engineer or, if not available, schedule a time to meet.
  • Assistance with filling out compliance and security questionnaires

This support offering is available for accounts that are set up to pay for 1 year of service in advance and will cost $300 X the number of Noah ES user accounts. For example, 10 user accounts will be $3,000 per year.

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