Data protection regulations are extremely important for ensuring the security of your patient data. However, for small businesses, the many rules and guidelines can be a burden to navigate.

Noah ES takes part of this burden off your shoulders, ensuring that your data is stored in line with all applicable local data regulations. In Europe, this means GDPR compliance, while in the USA, we comply with HIPAA.

As Noah ES enters new markets, HIMSA investigates local regulations to ensure that all data storage is in line with local regulations.

It doesn’t stop there though.

Protecting your information and the information of your customers is extremely important to HIMSA. We combine enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected.

For details on all the ways we protect your data, please review the details posted on the Noah ES Support Portal on the page: Noah ES Data Protection and Security.

Or take a look at this video for a quick overview.

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