You may have noticed the Noah ES slogan: “Secure access to your patient data – anytime, anywhere.”

But is this really true? The answer is a qualified yes!

Here are the main factors that help us ensure virtually continuous access to your Noah ES patient data.

Constant Status Monitoring

Noah ES Cloud Services are constantly monitored for proper execution.  You can see the Noah ES service status for the last 60 days here.

As you can see, Noah ES core services have had an amazing uptime of 99.98% over the past 60 days, with only a single outage of less than 1 hour, outside of normal working hours.

In other words, in the last 60 days, Noah ES has probably been more reliable than most software packages installed locally on your PC. And the reliability continues to improve.

Reliable Internet is Key

Of course, your experience with Noah ES will also rely on other factors, such as the stability of your own office and mobile Internet connections.

As most hearing care professionals already know, a stable Internet connection is a must for cloud services such as e-mail, office management tools, remote testing and cloud-based audiometers. And Noah ES is no exception.

What if Your Internet is Not Available?

Even the most reliable Internet has an occasional outage.

For this reason, Noah ES also provides an offline option. This will allow you to continue to work with your patients and store the information locally. Once your Internet comes up again, the patient data on your local drive can then be easily updated in your Noah ES database.

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