With Noah System 4, it is possible to set up a shared Noah patient database for your office over your local area network (LAN).

  • But what if you don’t have a LAN?
  • Or if you have multiple office locations that want to share the same patient database?
  • Or if you need to access your patient database from home or on the road?

With Noah ES, sharing your Noah patient database is built in, no setup necessary!

Simply create a Noah ES user account for your hearing care professional and they are ready to go – anytime, anywhere. All that’s necessary is a stable Internet connection. No need for setting up specialized networking support (e.g. complicated VPN setups).

What if I need to restrict access to specific groups of patients? 

Noah ES has got you covered.

Noah ES includes a Location and Group feature to tailor patient data access based on your business requirements. For example, you can set up it up so that only hearing care professionals in the East Metro office can access patients in the East Metro office.

What if I need a larger database? 

A Noah ES subscription includes 2 GB of database storage. And if you have 7 or more Noah ES users, your database storage will be increased to whopping 150 GB for free!

What if you only have 6 or less Noah ES users in your subscription and your database will soon exceed 2 GB?

No problem. For only $10 (€8) per month you can add an extra 148 GB of database storage!

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